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Other animals

Do these vocabulary exercises and learn the names of some birds, insects and other animals.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


Yes. I see dogs, cats, birds, fish, a lot of mice and cockroaches. Now I have a dog as a pet.

Yes. I could. Yes. I would.

There are many swallows, doves outside in my country. Also you can easily to see an insects like beetles, cockroaches in the garden. There are not animals and birds such penguins and budgie in my country.

There aren't penguins where I live. I would like to have one budgie as a pet, because I think it's very fun.

My family used to have a huge cage where a number of bugies were kept. They were given water, green vegetables, and seeds. One night, a cat attacked the cage and some bugies and chicks were gone. It was a tragedy!

yes i can see some of these animals where i live, especially insects. i usually see cockroach and beetle on a floor, millipede on the ground in the garden. Sometimes i see frogs near the lake, I'm really afraid of them. I've never seen penguin. I like having a couple dove as a pet because they symbolize peace.

Yes off course as a pet like cat or maybe fish I think it is better the budgie in cage, all animals are good in the ranch but not in the house.

A while ago, on my way to a library, I saw a girl capturing a turtle in a butterfly net around a pond. I heard a woman walking behind me saying "Oh... poor tutle! Kids shouldn't play with animals in such a way!...but I have no courage to tell them to stop". When I came around the place again, I saw a crowd of people looking at the girl who was trying to leave the big turtle in the net into the water but the turtle wouldn't come out. A young man approached her to try in the same way. It was so wierd to me because nobody tried to touch the turtle. Eventually, I said, "Shall I set it free with my hands?" and did it in a moment. Some of the bystanders said to me "Thank you very much!!"
A turtle is not so dangerous and I got strange feelings.

Yes, I can see some of them such as beetle, cockroach, frog, dove, and budgie.
I do not like to have them as a pet.

Where I live there are animals as a budgies, swallows, spiders and frogs. In addition, there are a lot of insects such as cockroach, millipede and beetles. In my opinion birds must be in freedom, not in cages.