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Streets and roads

Do you know what a 'kerb' is? Do these exercises and learn what it and other words related to streets and roads mean.


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Intermediate: B1


I live on the corner of a junction with no traffic lights and cycle lane. So if you'd like to ride a bike, you get to ride among busy cars. It is quite not safe. And also, there is no police officer to control the traffic. You have to be careful, when you cross the road. The more the road is clear, the more chance you will be in danger cause most of the drivers never drive in limited speed.

There are no roundabouts where I live. The streets are not very large, and there are lots of junctions with traffic lights and crossings. Police officers are always driving cars or motorbikes, if you see them standing on the street, it is because something is happening, but that's very rare. It is really easy to get lost in this city, because streets are very similar, fortunately, there are signposts everywhere that help you to find your way.

I'm living in the small village so we've roads and streets very well are completely empty so much that it isn't have traffic lights in the city, and we've few junctions, signposts and crossing, and the police officers are in everywhere in the city.

I live in a small town in the countryside called Sumaré. It's really hard to get around because of the bad traffic signs. Crossings are fading, for example. Most drivers are very disrespectful. It doesn't matter if you are walking or driving, you have to be very patient.

Hy, my name is Julián, i'm from Paute, Ecuador. where live my streets is bad, not is paved, apart is very dusty and the state not make nothing.

Here, we have a lot of traffic and streets are very busy. Not always clean because which is a shame sometime.
On the road, we have everything to drive safely such as traffic lights, signposts, highways, cycle paths...but people don't follow them all the time ...and we called that accidents...!!

Well, the streets in my neighborhood are dirt and very large, although thanks to the mayor of my canton; I have already begun to cement the streets and the truth is that they are very beautiful

They are really bad and dirty.. Every where you can find people walking among cars as there are no pavements to walk on and the streets are narrow and u may get hit by a side mirror of a car if u are not curios enough.. you may go crazy or get angry when u dive during the rush hours as the public transports wanna drop off people among the traffic jam and u wanna get home .. another bad thing is that in some places the drivers dont respect the lanes and the may change their street lanes abrutly to reach faster than you .. DRIVING HERE IN EGYPT IS SOME SORT OF DIGGING IN THE ROCKS !!

I live in a lonely street. The street is along a domitory and there are no houses in the other side.

They are motorway having a crossing, traffic lights, kerb, pavement, signposts with junction and roundabout, supervises by a police officer.