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Wild animals

Do these exercises and learn the names of some wild animals.


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Intermediate: B1


When I was a child, about 15 years ago, I visited a zoo, so I saw some of these animals. I do not remember see a polar bear and probably not saw it, because they live in other climates.
I do not like that animals live in cages, but also I knows that a zoo is helpful to conserve some species in danger of extinction.

Hi. Like all, I see animals in a zoo. I was in a zoo with my children. The Tashkent Zoo is not very nice. In the summer months very hot and the animals lack proper care. I love cats.

I've seen squirrels in a forest in Iran and elephants in Thailand. I've seen foxes in deserts and lions and tigers in a zoo.

I think I haven't seen anteater.... I've seen ants though.

Yes. When I was a child I saw a lion and a tiger in a zoo. It was very impressive for me because I had never seen wild animals. I frequently see squirrels, there is a lot at my University, I think they are so charming and fast. I would like to see a reindeer, it would be amazing!.

Whenever I watch some habits of wild animals on telly, I'm astonished by their natural instincts, such as how to behave in a team work and establish a rank relationship without languages. In spite of some similarities in the habits of human begins and wild animals, nowadays we human rely on languages (too much?) and can be mislead and annoyed by malicious words.
( ·᷄⌓·᷅ )੨੨

I was too young when I went to the Zoo. I cannot remember exactly my visit to the Zoo, but I think that I saw most of them. They´re beautiful and amazing but it's better for them to be free. That´s their place among others like them.

I saw an ostrich which came out of the cage in a zoo. People including my mom were screaming and shouting at me, saying keep off! I was so surprised to see such a tall animal standing next to me. Later, when I went downtown and passed a tall foreign woman like a fashion model on the crossing, that moment reminded me of the ostrich just I saw the zoo.

Most of these creatures I've seen at the zoo.I'm obssessed with animals ,about its hunting features and protective skills.During my lifetime I have seen only minority of these animals,squirrels and foxes .I have never encountered the real wild animals in natural environment.

All these animals, I’ve seen it on TV except squirrel, I see it every time when I go to the park and I can say that if you want to touch it it’s very difficult because this animal is very fast.
Except for the squirrel, I would like to see a panda and another animal that is not in the wild animals above, its name is "Fennec" it's a type of fox, I can also say that it is the fox of the desert and that it is a very fast animal.