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Wild animals

Do these exercises and learn the names of some wild animals.


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Intermediate: B1


I have seen cheetah, tiger, fox, elephants, squirrel, lion, rhino, polar bear and reindeer in zoo. I have never seen an anteater. I just saw it in TV only. Hope I can see a real one some days later!

Yes. I had. In one forest, on an hurting event and some on documentary screens. I would like to see an anteater.

I've seen once some of these animals. Many years ago I saw a tigerm, a rhino, a cheetah, bears and also gorillas with monkeys.
I saw them when I went to the zoo in Veneto, I was just a child. I had more or less 11 or 12 years old. I really loved bears

For me, it’s difficult to distinguish between a jaguar and a cougar.

I have already seen a squirrels when I have been in Canada. I would like to see one cheetah, when it is running.

Up to now, we came to know the details of the unknown life of various wild animals thanks to shooting technology.

I've seen all of them in wild's life program but i have never seen them in real life except squirrel. I hope that i will see all of them in the future

I have seen most of them but I have never seen squirrel,polar bear,anteater and panda.I wish I would be able to see them .I am very excited to see panda and polar bear most because they look quite cute to me. I know that is quite hard to see them but I want to see them at least once in my life .

Wow I fell fortunately because I know all this animals, I had seen in the zoo Chapultepec, and I want to share the squirrel are common in this park, they are free because this woods is their house. I wish you meet them soon.

Sure, I sow most of those wild animals in the zoo, elephant, fox, tiger, lion, gorilla, cheetah, bear and wolves.
In the forest of mountain, I sow a squirrels which are jumping between the trees from branch to other, it is a very cute animal.