Literature Surveys, Methodology Recounts and Research Reports are types of writing which enable you to develop your academic skills, so that you can learn how to become a researcher in your field. Researchers must know what other researchers have written, so they must survey the literature in a Literature Survey. They also gather data and conduct experiments of various types, and they recount their research methods. Lab Reports are a type of Methodology Recount, for example. When students conduct a complete piece of research, with a literature review, a report on the research they have conducted, and an evaluation of its significance, we call this a Research Report. Theses and dissertations are types of Research Report; they are rather like research articles in academic journals.

The Primary Purpose of this important category of writing is Building Research Skills.

Listen to the discussion between a student (S) and a lecturer (L) and do the task.

Task 1: What does Building Research Skills mean?



The exercise is good, I hope next time the complete text is on task 1, I have to read it c=several times but is OK

Missing texts "and to write up that experiment in a " in fifth line.

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Thanks for telling us about an error. Could you please tell us more specifically where this error is? Is in the fifth line of the Transcript, the Task, or somewhere else? I've looked, but I don't see it.

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In the Task.

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Are these exercises useful for listening purpose ? i mean if i want to improve my listening skill. thanks

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The text on this page is quite short, but you could certainly use it as a resource to develop your listening. We also have extensive materials for improving your listening under Listen & Watch. There you'll find several different series of videos and podcasts with transcripts and exercises.

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Good work Quy Ngo! You are doing very well.
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I got 17 points!