What is an Essay?

Try the following task to learn more about what an Essay is.

Task 1

Listen to the discussion between a student (S) and a lecturer (L) and use the words given to fill in the blanks. You can listen to the recording above as many times as you want and you can pause it if you need more time to put the answers into the spaces.



yes i got 100%

it was so fast but not too difficult

it's useful and i've got 100%

wow, got 100%

Yes, I have got 100 on 100.

Ohhhh no, i got 88.89%

I got 100% in 3 times repetition

I have got 100% on second time unfortunately.........

am new to this site so am just looking how i can improve my english skills using the programs. thank you very much for your essay information.