Watch the video and do the tasks to learn more about writing Essays.

Task 1

Watch the interview with the business lecturer above. Decide if the statements below are true or false or not stated according to the lecturer.


Task 2

A student from the year above you gives you the following pieces of advice. Decide if you think they are good or bad.




Hello everyone!!!
i'm satyam from india and i want to improve my confidence in english speaking in telephonic conversation and also when giving ppt

Hello Satyam kumar sharma,
It can be difficult to make or take telepone calls in a foreign language because we don't have the visual clues that we have in face to face conversation, such as gestures, facial expressions, body language and so on. Presentations can be stressful even in your own language, so I can understand why you want to practise them as well!
I think you might find this interesting. It's some exercises based on a telephone conversation, but this conversation is actually a conference call with several participants.  What makes it especially useful for you is that the main speaker also gives a short presentation at the beginning and then deals with questions, so it combines telephoning with presenting: Conference calls
You can also find some useful telephoning exercises on the BBC's English learning pages.
I hope those links are helpful.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I am from Nepal, I have very keen interest to make master in the english language. I want to write everything in standard english as whatever i can think in my native language as well as want to talk in eglish language very fluently. Any body can help me........plz.

Hi Mahesh,
I am Arun from India, I have also very interest to develop my English skills,
If you are interested we are help each other for talking and writing English,
English is open new door to expand our knowledge.
please contact me on my gmail account xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx thanks.

Hi Arun,
It's good that you're keen to practise your English, but please remember that the House Rules say you cannot share personal information, such as email addresses, on LearnEnglish.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hello to everyone I am new here I need your help, I try to write a job transfer letter because of my mother illness so please suggest me and make it correct Please find below.                                                                                             Respected Sir,
with due respect It is requested that I may kindly be transferred from BC-I, Larkana to BC-I or II, Sukkur. on consideration of the following facts and grounds.
1. That I was working at BC-II, Sukkur where from I had been transferred to BC-I, Sukkur vide office order No.F.41(2)/2006 A-III, dated. 08.04.2013 where I was there about less than one month and did not exchange the charge yet then I had been transferred to BC-I, Larkana, vide office Order No.F.33(36)/2004-A-III, dated.14.05.2013.
2. That Sir, my mother is too Old and suffering from the disease of High Blood Pressure and Joint Pain and she cannot even walk properly and in case of an untoward incident happening, there is no any male person at my home except me to handle the situation, sir she is wholly dependent on me therefore she always keeps on depress because of my transfer to Larkana and lost her peace of mind, she needs proper care in this Old age.
3. That Sir, because of her critical health condition I am facing a lot of mental tension and hardships.
4. That Sir, I am surviving very difficult time in these days because I have to do daily Out and Back from Sukkur to Larkana and round about Rs.500/- is spent as fare charges.
5. That Sir, because of daily travelling from Sukkur to Larkana I have to face Health issues.
In view of above facts and Circumstances, I therefore, humbly request you that I may kindly be transferred from BC-I, Larkana to BC-I or II, Sukkur and obliged, as I can take care of my Mother in better way. I hope your Excellency will understand my problem and my case will be taken up sympathetically.
I along with my entire family would be grate full to you forever for this gesture.
Thanking you and once again request you kindly consider my case sympathetically.

Hi shs66,
I'm sorry, while we are happy to help users with specific questions about a sentence, we are not able to provide corrections of lengthy texts.
Good luck with your request.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, good day pls can u tell me the procedure to the main class ?

Hi Ransome Jyd,

Welcome to LearnEnglish!

LearnEnglish is more like a library than a class. In other words, there is no programme of pages to work through or any teacher who will assign you work. Instead, you can browse the site and work on the pages that interest you.

If you don't know where to start, I would recommend Series 3 of the Elementary Podcasts, the Word on the Street videos, or Big City Small World (all under Listen & Watch) - but remember that the site is yours to browse as you wish!

If you have any questions or need other guidance, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Hello I want know the grammar mistakes in this paragraph

"Leeds and Baghdad share a vital important to me, since they are both hosted me to study in their main universities. The traveling from my home city (Baghdad) to Leeds encourages me to write the main different features and contrast among them.

First, in terms of economic situation, Leeds is more expensive than my home city because of tuition, living expenses, and goods. For example, anyone who wishes to study in Leeds University must pay fees, whereas it is free to study in Baghdad University. However, unlike the city of Baghdad, the economic situation in Leeds is well thought-out and it is depending on the optimization plan these days. In contrast, Baghdad city has no development plan because the majority of politicians are not familiar with the economics developments."