Here are some groups of words that commonly occur in Essays, with examples from different disciplines. Try the tasks to practise working with some of them.

Here are some groups of words that commonly occur in Essays, with examples. Here is some information about the way the information is shown.

Here are some groups of words that commonly occur in Essays, with examples from different disciplines. Click on Instructions for more information about the format.

Try the tasks below to practise working with some of these word groups.

Reporting Verbs in Essays

He + reporting verb Examples

Making Claims in Essays

it can/could/should be argued/suggested/claimed … that Examples
it should be noted/ remembered/ pointed out that Examples

Reaching Conclusions in Essays

it can/could be assumed/inferred/concluded ... Examples

Linking Expressions

as a result of Examples
at the same time Examples
due to the fact that Examples
on the basis of Examples
on the other hand Examples
to the extent that Examples


If you are writing an Essay, you might also find this language useful:

Task 1

Look at the examples of making claims in essays from Sketch Engine. Try to distinguish between "it can be argued/claimed/suggested" and "it should be noted/remembered". Choose the correct expression.


Task 2

Look at the examples of concluding expressions from Sketch Engine. Drag the words around to make complete concluding sentences.


Task 3

Look at the examples of linking expressions from Sketch Engine. Choose the correct linking expression to fit in the examples given.



I am learning these topic and found them very useful for writing skills.

I think "on the basis of" is a bit confusing because there is already an "of" in the sentence..
I am not sure but I guess the text needs editing.

Hello Derin2014,

You are correct and thank you very much for pointing this out.  We will edit the exercise as soon as we can.

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Hi educator
I want to pass the IELTS exam and I can't deiced which part of writing skills i should learn, so please I ask you to help me if you could and thank you very much.

Hello rana87,

In general, the academic test would make more sense for you if you plan to study in a university in an English-speaking country, but otherwise the general English test might be your best option. I'd recommend you consult TakeIELTS, where you can find lots of useful information about the test. If you still have questions after checking it, please let us know.

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What are the types of essays that I might be asked to write in ielts

Hello moky3018,

You can find information about the Writing section of the IELTS on TakeIELTS, along with lots of useful advice and practice materials.

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Actually I am fond of writing whether it is story writing or essays !! So I find it quite helpful, and yeah it is !!!

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