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The purpose of an Essay is to demonstrate or develop the ability to construct a coherent argument and employ critical thinking skills.


Hello nishi,

What kind of writing is it that you'll need to produce? It's important to read and practise writing the kinds of texts that you need to produce. Become familiar with how they are organised, how formal or informal they are and what kinds of phrases are typical of them. Try to imitate all of that in your own writing. There's more general advice on improving your writing on our Help page.

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Hello, people!
I have to write an essay , but I don't have any idea to a topic.
Could sb please, give me an idea for it ?

Hello,further to your inquiry need some topics to write about it, I think you can found aplenty of them in the Internet. For instance: you could search about Heath, Environment, Education, Globalisation, Public Transport,Technology, And Government spending.
I am either try to write an essay by using them for my test, also you can depend on net to get up your vocabulary to these topics which will help you as much as you can. Then you can be able write easily and efficiently.
Good luck.

I am a new user here and please give me some guidance when my grammar gets wrong. Thank You.

I could not understand while reading the essay outline what is actually denoted by Heading A ,B etc.thank you

Hello Frank
I think you are referring to the picture of a person with two arguments, A and B - we just use this as an illustration of the concept of the 'Essay'. Essays always contain arguments, and at university level these arguments can be quite complex. When you are writing an essay in your university discipline you will need to evaluate and balance different possible opinions about your topic. Planning the organisation of the essay is very important.
The Writing for a Purpose Team

Hello everybody
I need to improve my english writing can you help me
Thank you all

hi everybody
i want to improve my writing skill too.
is there anyone to practice together???

hi rami i wait you

hey.. how r u,
May we practice together ?