The purpose of an Explanation is to demonstrate or develop understanding of the object of study, and the ability to describe and/or account for its significance.


Wow!!! i feel so good and happy. Do you know why?? improving myself makes me feel so happy. There are a lot of things we say and write casually without knowing that its actually wrong. I think i like this website. I am getting ready to enroll for 25th March General exams in my country and i need to practice seriously this time. Thanks to British Council.

hi Nne4Kele i went to be shire your filling what it is funny or confertable and i went to be tallk to you to be improve my comnication skill so pleas introduce your self in my address xxxxxxxxxxxx


It's great that you want to practise your English - that's the best way to improve. However, please note that our House Rules ask users to neither offer nor ask for personal contact details such as email addresses. This is for data protection reasons.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Www , amazing! I just started learning english , can you guys help me ? please!!

Hello tungnguyen,

Welcome to LearnEnglish! The first thing I would recommend you do is read our Getting started page, which gives you general information on how our site works. There's more specific advice on our Frequently asked questions page. Finally, I'd encourage you to explore our site, as there is a lot here and it's worth taking some time to become familiar with it.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I know a lot of vocabulary,so reading is OK.But the most problem is speaking.I don`t know how to improve it .Confidence is collapsing!

Hello Du Andy,

Speaking can be a difficult area, as you say, but it will improve with practice. We have some advice on improving speaking on our Frequently Asked Question page - you can find it here - and I think that may be helpful to you.


Best wishes and keep practising!


The LearnEnglish Team

wow it's so amazing but how i will improve my writing style Please help me some one is there i am to like writing styles

I am into English studies and i am preparing myself to take essay writing exam at one of the prestigious universities but due to having so much of tension i don't know how to keep myself on the track , please bless me with your suggestions and pieces of advise , i am looking forward to having your prompt reply.