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Thanks very much Zyell. It's good to know that you like Writing for a Purpose!
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is this suitable for IELTS learners?

Don't learn english for IELTS!

Hi Memomelo,
  Well said, but the if you consider my case, I initially started for IELTS preparation. Now, its almost more than 90 days, and all I can say is,  now reading something in english, everday, has become a part of my daily activities.
I was never a book reader. I never use to read any sort of content, for me browsing internet is just to look for my work related tutorials. But now during the process of preapring for IELTS, I had come to know about so many new subjects, which I never had a chance to look and comprehend.

I have the same behaviour like you bunni read things in English everyday.  
I'm pretty sure want to focus to IELTS right now. Research new things are interresting and useful, but you have to invest time to do it.

Hi Bunni, Memomelo and Anh Quân Chu
I think IELTS preparation is a great way to improve your vocabulary and grammatical accuracy - and as Bunni says it will encourage you to develop the habit of reading in English. 
The IELTS test is often used to check that you have the necessary language skills to study in English at university level. It tests your ability to write fluently and correctly, but it doesn't require you to write the kind of assignments you will need to write in your own chosen discipline.
So if you are going to study at a university where English is used as the medium of instruction, it's a good idea to prepare for IELTS and to practise assignment writing. The two types of writing complement each other, and if you get better at one, you'll certainly also get better at the other!
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If you learn English , it will work every where, i n every field.

Well, Actually I've just discovered this site and to let you all know I'm extremely happy to find something with that amount of professional learning tips and methods of developing personal English writing skills.
The way it details and breaks down every single skill in writing into so many small details that can be taken one by one is stunning.
Thank you "The Writing for a Purpose Team"