Marcia calls two of the candidates giving them details of the interview process.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.

Task 1

Put the stages of the interview process in the order they are mentioned.


Task 2

Business Notes

In the third episode, Marcia Boardman, the HR manager at WebWare, outlines to
the 2 candidates the interview format. There are several possible interview

Structured Interview - Competencies

The employer identifies the competencies (skills, abilities and experience)
required for the role. They design the questions to test whether the
candidate has these competencies. The questions are often phrased, "tell us
about a time when...".

Behavioural job interview (situational job interview)

Behavioural interviews are trying to find out how you would act in certain
situations. The interviewer wants to be able to predict how you would behave
in the role, if they recruited you. So they ask hypothetical questions.
These might be about a time in your past, or asking you to imagine yourself
in a future situation.

Panel Job Interview

Sometimes employers want candidates to be seen by a number of managers or
peer-workers. A panel interview simply means a candidate meets multiple
interviewers at once. They may play the "Good cop / Bad cop" routine, where
one of them is aggressive and another sympathetic, to see how you perform
under stress.

Technical Job Interview

This usually refers to a "hands-on" interview. For example, an engineer
might be expected to do some analysis of an engineering problem; a market
researcher might be asked to analyse some data; a sales person might be
expected to make a mock sales call. This type of interview is designed to
predict how you would perform in the role.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Dear moderator,
I have a question. What the sentence "in the pursuit of " mean? Because I can't find the meaning in the dictionary. I only knows the "pursuit" is means an activity. I think the phrase means the purpose. Can you help me? Thanks a lot.
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Hi Leo,

In 'in pursuit of', 'pursuit' means something like 'attempt' or 'try'. So 'in the pursuit of gold' would mean 'trying to obtain gold'.

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perfect task

Oh, and the same is with the Task 1

Unfortunately I'm unable to do the Preparation task - there are some techial problems with it.
I tried to open it using different devices (PC with Windows 10 and iPad) and different browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge and Safari), but the result is always the same - the big grey square appears with no task in it.

Hello Yshc,

I'm afraid we had a few technical problems with the exercises but everything should be working correctly now.



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It was ok. I usually listen twice to be sure I understand the whole video.

I like the videos, the conversations were easy to follow. It is also good to show 2 different types of interviewees. This will help the young job seekers on how they present themselves in an interview.
Many thanks to the whole team.

I once worked for a major bank in Japan, and I remember the day I had a job interview at the bank. I think the procedure of the interview was more casual and simple than this video, and it was already decided that I would be hired but gave me an interview just for formality. It's a rather sad memory of mine since I had to resign the bank because of my mental problem, and after that I learned that I'm not a person to belong to an organization but to do something by myself, which led me to become a translator of English, my present job..