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Unit 2: Sending and receiving emails

Learn how to talk about the different parts of an email in English.

Unit 2: Sending and receiving emails

Sending and receiving emails

Read the email below and then do the tasks. Task 3 asks you questions about the email below.

Task 3: Starting an email

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From: Samir
To: Sales Team
CC: Hatem Trabelsi; Patricia Bartlett
Subject: RE: Meeting next week
Attachments: New proposal.rtf (376KB)

Hello Sales Team,

I’ve got an idea for next week – see the attached file. I’d like to hear what you think about my suggestion.
I think Hatem and Patricia may be interested, so I’ve copied them in too. Let’s talk more at the meeting next week.

Regards, Samir


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Well, this lesson is good, thank you very much. I have a question.
First- What's different between link and connect?
Second- The word CC Do you use only when writing or in speech too?
Also I want to find out the difference between queries and questions// Thank you for reply.

Hello NikolayB.

Connect is a verb whereas link can be a verb or a noun.

When referring to internet sites/pages/addresses we use link.

Connect is used most often for physical connections (in electronics, for example).


CC is an abreviation which comes from letter-writing. It refers to carbon copy – the process of writing two letters at one using carbon paper. You can use it as a verb in spoken English but only in the context of emails ('I'll write to him to day and CC you.').


A question is one sentence which asks for information. A query (making a query) is the process of trying to get information, usally from an official source such as an institution or a company. Thus, you can make a query by asking a question, but also by writing a letter or other means.



The LearnEnglish Team

Ok/ thanks


well done

Good Exercise!

Hello sir
In task 2 : "Dear Mr Prabang, As we agreed, I am sending the contract as an attachment
. It is a PDF file. Please let me know if you have any queries. Yours, Andrew Mortimer"

In that sentence, can I use this word "questions" istead of " queries " ?
And I have another question when you say link address like this
how do you pronounce "//"," / " and "- "in English?

Hi XuMinHa,

Yes, you could say 'questions' instead of 'queries' and it would be fine and mean the same thing. '/' is pronounced 'slash', '//' is 'double slash' and '-' is 'dash' or 'hyphen'.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

"/" called slash

Good exercise!