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Episode 03 - What do you like doing?

Julia and Sammy meet again in the park, but this time he has a question for her. Will she say yes or no?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Hi, In the task 3 is written "Match the verbs with their meanings" but I can not see the meanings

Hi drarocio,

The meaning is shown by the symbols:

++ very positive

+ positive

- negative

-- very negative



The LearnEnglish Team

would you like to go out with me tomorrow?

Would you like to go dance on friday night?, we can go to a beach party.

Hello. Great site, congratulations. But, there are errors in Task 1 and Task 3. I can't put more than one answer in each field.

Hello Joao Paulo,

To put the items into the right place you need to click first on the item and then click on the box where you wish to put it (which should be shaded grey). If you click on an item already in the box then you will swap the items; if you click on the box itself (or the title of the box) then you will add the item.



The LearnEnglish Team

Now, it works. Thank you very much. :)

wonderful i love shopping too :)


Would you like to go out with me on coffee or tea?