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Episode 04 - Where are you?

Sammy and Julia are happy to go shopping together. What could possibly go wrong?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2



The first time I went grocery shopping with my old dad at the local supermarket on a Saturday morning I lost track of him, which I found was a very upsetting situation. Now, we have decided about a meeting point, so that every week when I take him to the store, we can go separate ways if we need to buy different things, and I still know where to find him once we've finished shopping and are ready to check out.

When I go to the market with my wife I always lose her. We entry together but she need to see some stuffs in others departaments while I am buying the food. In these case I have do call her and ask where did she stay.

Yes I also had a such a situation.I missed my friend at the Mall. We went to the Mall just for time pass.While walking ... she liked a dress on the display statue and she went to that shop for looking that dress . but I wasn't aware that,I went down the escalator. Then I knew that she was not with me.So I called her to know where she was? Then I went back ,I just found her there..
Now all are using mobile phones so it's easy to find a person .Nowadays technologies are very helpful...

Yes, I had a few hard times finding a friend of mine at a meeting spot. Because I totally misunderstood the place. I'm not good at location information, I still don't know where I am..........!

I remember that once it happened to me something like that. I'd finally found that person.

Have you ever had a hard time finding someone in a public place? How did you find them?

First i agree with the person i am going to leave, but on one occasion my friend got lost but i identified him with the color shirt blue. This was terrible. I searched for it all over the place.

When I and my wife go to the department store we have the same problem because she goes the wear store and I go to the tools store. Finally, when we want to come back to home we find hardly each other.

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