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Episode 06 - I'll pay

Julia and Sammy enjoy their meal, but there's a problem. How is Sammy going to pay for it?



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Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


This situation is very wrong!.

Sometimes, when I going to pay the lunch, I look my wallet and my debit card is not here.

Is "in cash" and " by card" right grammar ?

Yes it is correct.

Hello Mai Bui,

Yes, both 'pay in cash' and 'pay by card' are correct. If you do a quick internet search for 'pay by card' or 'pay in cash', you'll see lots of examples. The Longman dictionary entry for 'pay' also has a useful list of common collocations.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Yes, I think so. My wife and I were on the beach and when I was pay our lunch my credit card is not avaiable. My wife paid by cash.

Yes, I have that kind of situation more than once & it is an unpleasant situation. But it was not in restaurant but in supermarket and car workshop.

Yes, once I run out of money when I was with a friend and we were waiting for the bus to come back home. As soon as I realized that, with much embarassment, I told it to my friend and she kindly lent me the money.

Never. Before I want to buy something, I'll check the price first and if my money is enough the I will buy but if not I'll search one.

Yes it happened twice, when my husband dropped me at my office I realized that I have forgotten my money wallet at home ,So i asked my husband for some money which should I have with me for any requirement.

No, before I go out, make sure that I have enough money.