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Countryside is GREAT - Part 2

Richard continues his exploration of Britain's great countryside. He sees the lakes and mountains of Scotland and two of the world's natural wonders: the Giant's Causeway in Ireland and the magnificent Durdle Door in Dorset.

Task 1

In what order do these things get mentioned in the video?


Task 2

Match the descriptions you heard about the places. Each place has two descriptions.


Task 3

Complete the phrases.


Task 4

Select the four adjectives that are possible in the gap, but don't select the one that isn't possible.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Beautiful,fantastic landscapes to visit them, but I think mountains have poor soil to the agriculture .

I would like to visit the Loch Ness, sure. It's a quietly and beauty place to live.
I'm come from Spain and in my country you can visit the Teide National Park. It's located in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, 1.500 km from Madrid and also, the second national park visited in the world only surpassed for the Fujiyama Park in Japan. It has a lot of variety of plants and animals species. The place it's a volcanic land where you can appreciate beautiful landscapes from the top of the highest point of the country. The Teide is an inactive volcano, raised until 3.718m above the sea. The weather of the island it's subtropical oceanic so, the summers are not so much hot. The fresh air masses that come from of the north make of this place a good place to live and enjoy the holidays. The temperatures of this land respect to other places located in the same latitude are 5°C degrees under below normal. In winter you can see the mountain snowy after 1.600 m. above the sea so, you'll imagine how colder can be in the top. Each year this park receive more of 3,5 millions of tourists.

Great! Especially the funicular railway. In our country, there is also a place called Mt. Kyikehteeyoe, one of the most tourist attractions. We have to take about 5 hours walk to get to the top of the mountain and it's dangerous to get there by car as there're one to two accidents every year. But constructing a funicular railway might cost a lot.
Anyway, the one I can't understand is, "It's quite environmentally sensitive" said by Richard in this movie. Does it mean something like 'important'? Could you please explain me about this? Thank you very much for your great efforts and your kindest replies whenever we get confused.

Hi Aung Thet Naing,
'Environmentally sensitive can have several meanings.  The most common use is to describe how far a certain policy, group or person respects the environment.  For example:
"You use your car to drive to the shop?  That's not very environmentally sensitive.  Why not walk?  It's very close."
However, there is another meaning which I think is relevant in this video.  We can use the phrase to describe an area which needs special care or attention:
I hope that clarifies it for you.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hi there! British Council thanks for the Great landscapes I couldn t saw when I was in the UK. I was there for a year studying at the Grimsby College Of Technology. I would like to visit Scarborough, where I learnt English and started to taste lager beer at their typical pubs. Also Grimsby and London, as a student you have no time for going on tour.

Hi everybody, I'm really enjoying this chapters, thanks for make it free.
I really would like to visit Scotland, I have been once in London but pretty much would love to go far north and of course visit the countryside and the little towns which have sometimes a special and particular taste.
In my country we've two major attractions, one of those is in Patagonia, Torres del Paine, which is an amazing world wide known Nat. Park with beautiful mountains surrounded by lakes and glaciers, perfect for trekking and enjoying wild life and meeting people from all over the world.

hello,i'd really like to visit UK, cities like London ,Edimburgh Cardiff, Dublin.I think that even countries is very beautiful,the coasts and the sea,the white cliffs of Dover,the nature of Scotland and Ireland,traditions and history...distillery and spectacular month would't be enouth to see everything.
but i live in a beautiful country too,Italy is a wonderful place...there's everything...sea,mountains,history and culture,from north to south,there'isnt a region whitout something good...and also italian kitchen is great...
we unfortunately have some problems...before all  bad policy....they can't manage all the wealth we have got....let's hope for the future!!byeeeeeee

Stunning, amazing, beautiful countryside view in Britain. Share it on Facebook now  people :)

It's beautiful landscapes but difficult to listen for me because I begin learn english but I have to put a big effort for improve my english. thank you for this website.

It's a fantastic way to show so beautiful landscapes.
Thanks a lot.