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Entrepreneurs are GREAT - Part 1

Richard meets Richard - Branson, that is! - and gets business advice from one of Britain's greatest entrepreneurs.

Task 1

Which is the best title for this video?


Task 2

Select all the things that Richard Branson says about good entrepreneurs.


Task 3

Reorder these words to make sentences from the video.


Task 4

Match the words and phrases to make expressions from the video.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hi Peter, Is the phrase of screw it something formal or informal?
Can we use it in a formal seeting ?
Thanks in advance for your reply!

Hello Genc,

No, it is not formal. It is very informal and some would say it is slang. In some contexts it would be highly inappropriate as it is a (very gentle) profanity. In informal speech between friends it is fine, in the right context.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

i think the essence of all it's everyone fears the creator,so that's how we'll get fully successful in whatever we do it,God is the one who watch every mistakes we are commiting so shouldn't not only to get interesting with business, he's the essence of all in jesus mihty name amen!!!

Hello everybody
I think talent and find where is suitable to invest money is more important than hardworking. We should respect entrepreneurs because we are human; not because they invest money, they invest money to make money, it is their job.

Hi , could you tell me a more natural way to ask this , my sentence sounds a bit academic
"Would you attempt to be successful by fair means or foul?"
is there any other phrases i can replace with " by fair means or foul"

Hi englishnoob,

It is hard to really answer this without knowing the context. You might say 'by any means', for example.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Qualities like ambition and determination makes enterpreneurs succesful.
This year I have already started my own business, a little business - trade and intermediary activity.
We must admire business people because it's hard to find the strengths to leave on a free voyage and not to be drown.

In my opinion hardwork is the basic element of any success. Having passion and belief in what you do and being opportunistic are other important factors that make successful entrepreneurs, by being opportunistic I mean knowing the need of the market, or as said in the video: the gap, and working to fill it.
When it comes to establishing my own project or business, I feel that I am still not ready yet. In my age I prefer working for some big professional company, learn a lot, acquire skills, build relations and connections. Then in my late thirties I will be ready and prepared to start my own business.
I think we should admire successful entrepreneurs for whom they are and for the achievements and contributions they`ve made to make our lives better.

I believe that such qualities as eagerness, determination, curiosity and self-control are the key ones. I really want honesty to be among them too, but unfortunately it is a rare thing in a business world where you have to eat or be eaten. As to subordinates, I think you should treat them with respect, humanity and understanding but never allow using your kindness to their advantage.
Occasionally I think it would be great to start my own business although I've never done it and haven't really thought any possible ideas through, let alone risking money.
I don't think we should admire business people but I'm sure that we all can learn a lot from achievements and failures of either one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world or from the ones that are around us.

The entrepreneurs have a talent to integrate resources. They don't divide the business process into parts to study it. They see this process as a coherent picture. None great businessman can say, what is the entrepreneurship is, because they can't divide its parts. (Don't confuse the entrepreneur and the manager of the company. They have a big differences, like the cook and taster.) Entrepreneurial ability is the ability conditioned by type of mind first of all, psychological type. Many people think that studying entrepreneurship or practicing it, they can become greatest entrepreneurs. It is a delusion. Like being an artist or a musician requires innate talent to be the greatest in their field, in order to be a successful businessman, you have to be born with the appropriate abilities.