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Working in Fashion

Wendy is finding out about style on the set of a photo shoot. Watch as she finds out what you need to know to work in fashion.

Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities.


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Hello mhmdhashim,

'Pull something off' means to succeed in doing something that was not easy or likely to be a success. For example:

I had only one day to finish the project and my colleage was sick and couldn't help! Even so, I managed to pull it off.

You can use the online dictionary to look up items like this. Just type the phrase into the Cambridge Dictionaries Online window on the right of each page and click 'Look it up!' to get definitions, examples and more. It's a useful tool.

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The LearnEnglish Team

It is very usefull for me, I really like this course

Is it right when I wish someone: Have a nice working week

Hello mytiendinh1810,

I would generally say just 'Have a nice week' and assume that the context makes clear what I mean. However, some people - especially, I believe, in the US, use the term 'workweek' to differentiate Monday to Friday from the weekend, meaning you could say 'Have a nice workweek'.

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Thanks a lot

what does tough-skinned mean???

Hello hayaalqasem,

It means the same as 'thick-skinned', which you can find in our online dictionary on the right - you'll find a definition, examples, pronunciation models and more.

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The real training that I kind of got that helps me today is just from assisting photographers, working in studios and just, really, just shooting my own stuff.

I went to the Royal College of Arts, where I sort of learned more about textile design and fashion and a little bit more about the industry from a different perspective
what does I kind of, I sort of mean what are these both words are they adverbs