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English History

Amandeep travels 400 years back in time to find out about the English Civil War. She finds out how the war was fought – and who won it!

Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


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Today Royal family is not in charge of England.

Britain has had a royal family ever since.
Why it's has and had

Unfortunately I did not hearing about the English Civil War.
There are many big events in history of my country, in particular coup d'etat in nineteen seventeen.

i like this video and would like to download it.....How do i have to?

Hello Kaung Myat Kyaw,

I'm afraid the videos on our site are not available for download for legal and technical reasons. We make many of our audio files available, however, so on audio-only pages look for the .mp3 link.



The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you Peter M. The reason why i want to download is i like this video. Yes i could see that there is an audio file of the video file which can be downloaded. I am aware of legal and technical reasons.

God bless you
Kaung Kaung

I know nothing about English Civil War. Most of things I've learnt about England is throw historical movies like "The Vikings", "Robin Hood", "Ivanohe", "Jane of Arc"....
I think the most important event in French History is the French Revolution , in 1789, and its famous declaration of human rights. But there are many more.

I think, I heard or read something about English Civil War from somewhere but I have no enough information, unfortunately. We have lots of important historical events in our history. But I think the most important ones were Independence War (1919-1923) and foundation of Republic of Turkey by Atatürk (1923)

I don't know about the English Civil War
The most important historic event for Turkey was the Independence War from 1919 to 1923