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Challenging someone's ideas

In this video, Vanya tells Paul and Emir about her latest idea. Listen to the language they use for challenging someone's ideas and practise saying the useful phrases.

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and do the exercises to check your understanding and practise the language.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Normally, I suggest improving ideas for teamworks, but im feeling very down, so I guess I will try and listen to my co-workers, everything in order to keep my grades up.

Nice lesson.

I have tried to come up with some new ideas in my job.
Sometimes, the team agrees with me but in other times, they say that it is a bad idea(not a good idea) and that it won't work.

Some of them like my idea when I first talk then one don't agree with my point and all are suddenly change to the same side. What's happening this?
How would you react that situation?

because at first most of them are not sure about that but they said yes may be because they don't want to oppose your idea or they don't want to work or give idea as they just want easy way. But when there's someone who oppose your idea, they will agree with him. I have also experienced like this before. As for me, I ask them what points do i need or do i have to change. When their idea is better, i change or add some points and so all agree with this.

I have tried unusual things at work. Sometimes I like to do new things and new forms for to do better my work.

If this is good, keep going until u find the success.

I have always many new ideas, however, every time whenever you try to present your ideas, you would see there is someone who is against those ideas. Those people even don't try to explain the reason for his/her objection. this means that those people just don't agree with you as they got used to doing it, and are mentally not fit.

Challenging some ones idea sometimes is too hard, you need to go deeper and understand how is he think, maybe by asking too much questions, and you need to have some communication skills also.
Still, it's a hard mission!

New ideas usually it will reject in the first moment from the receiver, But to convince them you need to have personal skills in the persuasion.
To accepting your ideas from others you should aware of all details to answer all queries and to explain the positive impact from it.