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Dealing with a problem

In this video, Vanya goes to Yuna with a problem. Listen to the language they use for dealing with a problem and practise saying the useful phrases.

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and do the exercises to check your understanding and practise the language.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


It wasn't at work. I helped my brother to deal with a problem he had. He failed to pass a subject for the second time. In Canada, studies are expensive and a quite big amount of my parent's money was going towards his university fees. The problem was that engineering students were not allowed to fail twice the same subject, otherwise, they had to leave or to change to some other study program different from engineering. My brother was really worried, frustrated and a bit depressed because of that. So first, I had to talk to him several times and try to convince him that the problem was not as big as it seemed to be and there had to be some way to work it out. After a couple of days, he could calm down and contacted the departement responsible for that kind of issues inside the university. As he'd always been brilliant and got good marks, he finally was able to deal with this by following an alternative procedure for students that had been progressing well in their program. Afterwards, I had to talk to my parents and explain the whole situation, I also tried to make them understand that these things happened and they didn't have to worry as that was only an exception and everything was already solved.

Once, in the office, I lost some bank vouchers, in a confusing case, I told to my boss what happened and He told me that I had to pay for these, so I paid for those vouchers and I was more careful with the vouchers.

This morning my coworkers and I we had a bit of a problem trying to solve an authentication problem in a servers' farm.
Several users could not login those servers and at the end we involved other teams to work out the problem.
It took us around 4 hours reading some logs and investigating how to fix it. We could not solve it today and we will continue tomorrow.