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Discussing advantages and disadvantages

In this video, Noelia and Yuna talk about how to encourage creativity in the office. Listen to the language they use to discuss advantages and disadvantages and practise saying the useful phrases.

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and do the exercises to check your understanding and practise the language.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


My best ideas come when I'm walking on the street. That's why I often take a paper and a pen to write down the ideas I have in order not to forget.

The best ideas or thoughts come to me when I am washing the dishes because I free my mind...

I hate dishwashing but my husband is also like you. My best ideas come when I run.

To me best ideas come when I'm relaxing listening music laying on my bed or when I'm taking a shower, sometimes I think that it's like a rollercoaster you start to work a little unfocuse and in the middle you're totally focus and later when you have a lot time working your start to get stuck and then you need to change for a while the activity that let you take a breath and relax.

when i am playing or watching movies

I think that also I have the best ideas when I’m doing something that it’s different from the ambit related to the idea that I have. For example, often I had good ideas simply walking from one place to another or driving. I had good ideas also making sport.

I usually have my best ideas not in my place of work, but in other location, as in my home (especially in my kitchen), or when I'm doing some things totally unrelated to my job.

I just winderin what does " I see where you're coming from" mean?


Hello Asina9,

It means 'I see your point' or 'I understand your opinion/point of view'.

All the best,


The LearnEnglish Team

Great Thanks for explanation..