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Clothes 2

Do the exercises to learn vocabulary to talk about clothes.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


i like to wear all kind of clothes dresses, skirts,pants...etc but it depend on the occasion that i am going to

I like to wear jeans throusers and T-shirt

What's wrong with this learning tool. It's not stable to doing tasks :(

Hello tuyentran15,

I've checked the page and it seems to be working correctly so it may be a local issue for you, related to your hardware (the device you are using) or software settings (a firewall, anti-virus program, security settings and so on). Do you have any problems on any other pages on LearnEnglish or only on this one?


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Exercises excellent.

I think clothes depends on place where l want go. İf I go for a walk, or to do shopping informal and friedly party I usually prefer to wear very comfortable clothes. Jeans, shirt, T-shirt, sweater trainers. But for offical party and ceremany I usually prefer to wear highheels and classic still dress. But for work I usually pay attention for my dress. I prefer to wear very simple dress. Because I am teacher and everyday in front of my student. I shouldn"t attrack attention of student witm my clothes

I like to wear t-shirt, shorts and sandals ou tennis shoes.

I like wear headscarf because i'm a muslim

I like T shirt and Jeans.

Me too, I like shirt and kaki