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Clothes 2

Do the exercises to learn vocabulary to talk about clothes.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I like to use t-shirts and jeans for to work and casual moments too.

I like wearing sweaters, jeans and tennis, but I have to wear suit due my job.

I put my suit to go to work every days. Oh my god, Madrid the weather is very hot in summer.

I usually use suit with tie to work in office. Short and sandals in home.

Usually I love to wear my fitted navy suit with my leather shoes a long with the red tie that's look amazing on me

I usually wear the dress when I go to work, sometimes, I wear Jeans with T-shirt and sports shoes on Saturday. it makes me look more dynamic

Usually I wear dresses and high heels at the office or parties, t-shirt and shorts at home

In the summer I like wear short, tops and sandals. In the winter I like wear trousers, tracksuit, socks and boots.

hello, I like wear boot and jeen in winter. I perefer wear tracksuit at is comfort.

Usually, in winter I like to wear jeans, shirt, boots and warm coat. In summer I wear shorts and top.